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12912 Hill Country Blvd, Suite F-200, Austin, TX 78738           Phone: 512.732.9812

1415 Louisiana St., Ste 3800, Houston, TX 77002                    Phone: 713.559.9950

100 Fillmore Street, Suite 425, Denver, CO 80206                   Phone:720.221.8587

8550 United Plaza Blvd., Suite 702, Baton Rouge, LA 70809  Phone: 225.663.1909

Bow Valley 1

202-6th Ave. SW, Suite 530, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2R9           Phone: 403.451.4992

Lonquist & Co. provides worldwide petroleum and mining engineering and consulting services. Our clients include oil and gas companies, gas transmission companies, natural gas and liquids storage companies, mining companies, banks, trusts, and institutional investors worldwide. Services range from reservoir engineering, underground storage engineering, mining and supply studies to economic evaluations, CO2 sequestration, and regulatory support.


Architects / Engineers

  • Engineering Services


  • Consultants
  • Consulting - General Oil Field
  • Consulting - Reserves and Economics

Professional Services

  • Safety and Risk Management


  • Regulatory Compliance Permitting